Available Seminars

WRS Educators travel the state and offer a variety of Retirement Education Seminars.

Understanding Retirement Benefits: Taking Charge of Your Retirement

Understanding Retirement Benefits educates employees on both the Wyoming Retirement System Pensions and the Deferred Compensation Plan and how these plans work together with Social Security to help achieve retirement goals. Educators can answer questions about the pension and assist employees with enrolling in the Deferred Compensation Plan. Participants at this seminar will receive the WRS Member Introduction Packet. The seminar lasts about one hour.

Live Smart, Save Smart: Planning Your Financial Health at Every Stage of Life

This one-hour seminar is designed to teach budgeting and savings strategies applicable to any life stage. For all employees at any age.

It's Your Financial Journey

This seminar addresses the unique challenges women face during their retirement years. The seminar gives women, and the men who care about women, information on how to prepare for retirement.

Retirement Strategies: Reaching Your Destination with Pre-Retirement Planning

This 90-minute seminar is for employees within 10 years of retirement. It discusses when you might be eligible for retirement versus when you can afford to retire. We review benefit options for your pension and distribution planning for your deferred compensation account. Deferred compensation information will also be provided regarding increased contribution limits after age 50 or within four years of qualifying for retirement. Allow extra time if you want to speak with a retirement educator afterward.

Living in Retirement: Managing Retirement Income

A two-hour workshop designed for retirees and employees no more than two years from retirement. Retirees may spend several decades in retirement, encountering numerous financial pitfalls along the way. Many retired WRS members wonder if their income will meet immediate and future retirement expenses. This workshop reviews the different stages of retirement and offers tools and information retirees can use to manage income sources and face the financial challenges of the future. Because space is limited, reservations are required.

457 Investment Seminar

This seminar is interactive and designed to educate investors about basic investment concepts and definitions, and can also help the more experienced plan participant brush up on important information. Presentations take about an hour. Allow extra time if you want to speak with the retirement educator afterward.