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Volunteer Firefighter & EMT Pension Plan

Board Members for the Volunteer Firefighter & EMT Plan:

  • Gene Diedtrich (Chairman) - Newcastle
  • Lanny Applegate (Vice Chairman) - Cheyenne
  • Tracy Brown - Lingle
  • Kim Lee - Cheyenne
  • Jerry Munger - Wheatland
  • Eric Quinney - Evanston
  • Alan Sessions - Afton


For details and archived board minutes for the old plans visit:
Volunteer Firefighter Pension Plan
Volunteer EMT Pension Plan


Wyoming Statutes 35-9-616 through 35-9-628 establish a system for the administration of a retirement program for volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians in Wyoming, including: creating a board to provide for the investment and control of program funds; designating administrative responsibility and program controls; specifying the level of program benefits, eligibility therefore and the sources of funding; and providing a means for appealing administrative decisions.

This bill combined all assets and liabilities of the existing Volunteer Fire and Volunteer EMT pension funds into one newly created fund, and repealed the two existing accounts. The plan went into effect July 1, 2015. WRS has moved all former Volunteer Firefighter and Volunteer EMT plan members to this new plan.

Full details regarding this pension plan can be found in House Enrolled Act 13, which created this plan during the 2015 Wyoming Legislative Session.

A member handbook for this plan is available here (pdf)...

Statutes and Administrative Rules pertaining to this plan are available in the WRS Governing Documents Manual here...

Board Meeting Minutes

September 2016
June 2016
April 2016
January 2016

September 2015