Pension Information & Calculators

What is a pension?

Once you meet certain qualifications, a pension will provide a monthly payment for life. The technical name for this type of retirement plan is a “defined benefit” plan because a formula defines the benefit you receive when you retire.

A pension has two key features that can work in conjunction with any defined contribution plans you may have. One, your future benefit grows as long as you are working and is based on your age, salary, and years of service while participating in WRS. As your years of service and salary increase, so does your future benefit. And two, your benefit is not affected by investment gains or losses. The WRS Board assumes the responsibility for investing your contributions in such a way as to have enough investment earnings to pay for your life-long pension benefit.

WRS has the following nine different pension plans:

Public Employee Pension Plan

Benefit Calculator | Public Employee Handbook | Public Employee Valuation Report


Game Warden, Highway Patrol, and Criminal Investigation Pension Plan

Benefit Calculator | Warden, Patrol & DCI Handbook | Warden Patrol & DCI Valuation Report


Law Enforcement Pension Plan

Benefit Calculator | Law Enforcement Handbook | Law Enforcement Valuation Report


Judicial Pension Plan 

Benefit Calculator | Judicial Valuation Report


Volunteer Firefighter Pension Plan 

Benefit Calculator | Volunteer Firefighter Handbook | Volunteer Firefighter Valuation Report


Plan A Paid Firefighter Pension 

Benefit Calculator | Plan A Paid Firefighter Valuation Report


Plan B Paid Firefighter Pension

Benefit Calculator | Plan B Paid Firefighter Handbook | Plan B Paid Firefighter Valuation Report


Air Guard Firefighter Pension Plan

Air Guard Firefighter Handbook | Air Guard Firefighter Valuation Report 


Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician Pension Plan

Benefit Calculator | Volunteer EMT Handbook | Volunteer EMT Valuation Report


All Plans Summary

January 1, 2014


30 Year Projections

January 1, 2014