Pension Plan Information

A pension plan is often referred to as a “defined benefit” plan because a formula defines the benefit members receive when they retire. Pension plan members' future benefit is based on the member's age, salary, and years of service while participating. Generally, as the member's years of service and salary increase, so does the future benefit.

The retirement benefit of a pension plan provides a monthly payment for life. The WRS Board assumes the responsibility for investing contributions in such a way as to have enough investment earnings to pay for a life-long pension benefit for each member.


Pension Plan Characteristics

The WRS Pension Plan Characteristics Document (pdf) outlines the basic benefit structure of WRS' Pension Plans. Detailed information can be found in the Pension Plan Handbook specific to a plan.

The Pension Plan Benefit Calculator is a useful tool for members to use in estimating their potential pension benefit. Official estimates, using current salary information only, are available to members in their Online Pension Account

Public Employee Pension Plan

Public Employee Handbook | Public Employee Valuation Report

Game Warden, Highway Patrol, and Criminal Investigation Pension Plan

Warden, Patrol & DCI Handbook | Warden Patrol & DCI Valuation Report

Law Enforcement Pension Plan

Law Enforcement Handbook | Law Enforcement Valuation Report

Judicial Pension Plan 

Judicial Valuation Report

Plan A Paid Firefighter Pension

Plan A Paid Firefighter Valuation Report

Plan B Paid Firefighter Pension

Plan B Paid Firefighter Handbook | Plan B Paid Firefighter Valuation Report

Guard Firefighter Pension Plan

Guard Firefighter Handbook | Guard Firefighter Valuation Report

Volunteer Firefighter & EMT Pension Plan

On July 1, 2015, this plan combined and replaced the previous Volunteer Firefighter and Volunteer EMT Pension Plans. A Pension Plan Handbook for this plan is in progress. Highlights of the plan can be found here... 

Full details regarding this pension plan can be found in House Enrolled Act 13, which created this plan during the 2015 Wyoming Legislative Session.

Volunteer Firefighter Valuation Report | Volunteer EMT Valuation Report


All Plans Summary

January 1, 2015


30 Year Projections

January 1, 2015