Cancelling a Bill

If you find the contribution file you uploaded is incorrect and you would like to correct it and re-upload, you can cancel the bill as long as the contribution payment has not yet been paid. 

Bills that can still be canceled have a "Cancel Bill" button to the far right on the Bills screen in the Employer Portal. If you click this button, you will receive a message stating: Are you sure you want to cancel this bill? If you do so, all contributions related to this bill will be deleted. If this is a regular monthly contribution file, you will need to re-upload your monthly contributions. You will then have the option to: Cancel Bill or Cancel Request. Cancelling the bill will save you from uploading an adjustment file to correct the original file upload.

Once the "cancel bill" process is complete, the bill will show that it has been cancelled; however the file you uploaded will still show in the upload section at the bottom of the screen. You will not have the option to cancel a bill if that bill has been paid. Instead, upload an adjustment file to make the necessary changes.


When a prior month was reported incorrectly or otherwise needs to be corrected, an Adjustment contribution should be uploaded for the difference (negative or positive). The originally applied amount is not replaced by the adjustment, but is corrected by uploading the difference.

All adjustments must be submitted on a separate Contribution File from the regular monthly contribution file. Adjustments cannot be included on the normal monthly contribution file uploads. If you attempt to upload an adjustment on a normal monthly contribution file, the error message you will receive reads: Adjustments may not be on the same file as regular records.

In addition, the system will not allow an adjustment file to be uploaded if the original bill has not been paid (use the "Cancel Bill" feature instead). If you attempt to do so, the error message you will receive will read: There is an unpaid contribution for this pay period.

If you are attempting to adjust an adjustment, you should instead cancel the bill containing that adjustment. Otherwise, you will need to wait for the bill to be paid.

Interest will be due on contribution adjustments file uploads. The interest charge is interest to bring contributions current and make the employees account whole. If the contribution interest invoice is not paid by the date due, late payment interest will be billed. For information on late payment interest, visit the Contribution Deadlines & Interest page.

For information on submitting adjustments view the Employer Portal User Guide.