Dear Senator Scott and Representative Barlow:

I am pleased to submit this report summarizing the studies, findings, and recommendations of the Task Force on Retirement Income Security. I believe it will help your committee identify next steps we can take to improve the retirement security for Wyomingites and reduce future social safety net obligations.

Once again, Wyoming can be proud of its volunteers. The members of this task force were hard working and fully engaged. In addition to the task force members, Dr. Anne Alexander from the University of Wyoming’s Department of Economics did yeoman’s work in developing an analysis of Wyoming’s retirement savings gap. Special recognition goes to the Department of Workforce Services and the Wyoming Retirement System, both of which deployed resources and key staff members to support this work.

The task force would welcome the opportunity to discuss our work, findings, and recommendations with your committee. It does not appear that the Labor, Health & Social Services Committee will meet again before the beginning of the legislative session, and therefore we would hope to have an opportunity to appear before you at your convenience during the session.


Senator James Anderson
Chairman, Task Force on Retirement Income Security
c: Committee Members Ian Shaw, LSO staff

Report -- Task Force on Retirement Income Security