January Deposit Notice

Northern Trust Benefit Payment Services Deposit Notice:

As a reminder to our retirees with the switch from the State of Wyoming Auditor's Office to Northern Trust Benefit Payment Services (NTPS), we are aware of a few changes that will impact Retirees. Payments from Northern Trust (NTPS) will be sent to your financial institution at 9:00 a.m. Mountain Time on the last working day of each month.

Financial institutions (Bank, Credit Union, Investment Services or other depositories) will have their own “Funds Availability Policy” that may impact when you see the deposit of your payment from the Wyoming Retirement System (WRS) through Northern Trust.  

Financial institutions may also hold the funds differently based on the payment coming from Northern Trust rather than the State of Wyoming Auditor's Office.

We ask that you check with your financial institution before contacting WRS regarding the availability of your January payment.  Should you still need to contact us you may reach us by email at retirementchange@wyo.gov or by phone.