The Wyoming Retirement System (WRS) is aware of the current COVID-19 health situation, turbulence in the financial market and updates to two pension plans.  We want to assure you that WRS has the ability to continue operations and that your benefits are built on long term strategies.  Your pension is safe.

  • The WRS portfolio is well-diversified and professionally managed.
  • Some components are defensive -- designed to decline less or even prosper in market downturns.  Last week when the S&P 500 was down 15%, WRS was down less than 7%.
  • The portfolio has sufficient safe assets and interest generating components such that WRS can pay your monthly pension for years without selling any stocks. 
  • Market volatility is an opportunity to obtain high-quality assets at good prices. 
  • Such market declines illustrate the value of a pension, providing a lifetime income insulated from such events

The following email blast have been added to our website, for reference purpose.  WRS had previously informed the Law Enforcement Participants of a potential rate change in December of 2019. This notice is a recent response to reduce the number of questions WRS was responding to in regards to that letter.

WRS Law Enforcement No Rate Increase

WRS also informed Participants of the Volunteer Pension Plan of coming changes in participant contributions. 

WRS Volunteer Pension Plan Rate Increase Notice