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National Retirement Security Week

Retirement Security Week 2015 is October 18-23.

The intent of National Retirement Security Week is to raise awareness about the importance of saving and planning for retirement. The congressionally endorsed event has recently been co-sponsored by Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi.


Checkpoints Along the Way

This year, the Wyoming Retirement System is encouraging members, and all Wyoming citizens, to consider a series of checkpoints along the road to retirement security. 


Take Action

If you work for a participating employer, consider enrolling in the Wyoming Retirement System 457 Deferred Compensation Plan. If you are already a 457 Plan participant consider increasing your contribution today.

The WRS Deferred Compensation 457 Plan is designed to help you invest for retirement. You contribute a portion of your salary to the plan each month, and your contributions are automatically deducted from your paycheck.

WRS Introduction for Members

The WRS Member Introduction gives members an overview of the basic structure of their WRS retirement benefits, including their pension and the Deferred Compensation Plan.

Download the WRS Member Introduction (PDF)...

Social Security Seminar

WRS would like to thank Social Security for presenting at our event on 10/21. WRS will be working with Social Security to plan another seminar in early 2016 in Casper, depending on Federal Budget outcomes for the Social Security Administration.

Am I Saving Enough?

Use WRS’ online Goal Setting Worksheet to approximate the amount you need to save every month to reach your desired future retirement income.

Use the Online Goal Setting Worksheet...

Beneficiary Review

A refresher on key considerations for beneficiary designations. Make sure you have your beneficiaries designated the way you want.

Visit the Beneficiary Review web page... 

Separating Service

If leaving employment with a WRS-participating employer is a possibility for you, take time to understand your options regarding your retirement plan.

View the "Decisions When Leaving A WRS-Participating Employer" Brochure (pdf)...

All About Pension Benefit Payout Options

WRS offers 8 different pension payout options. If you are within five years of retirement, get the details so you can decide which retirement payout option is best for you.

View the Pension Benefit Payout Options Video...