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Your Wyoming Retirement System Pension Plan is working for you while you work for the citizens of Wyoming.

If you're a public employee in Wyoming—a public school teacher, police officer, firefighter, or state/local government employee, you’re automatically a member of a WRS pension plan.

Many University of Wyoming, community college, and other special district employees are also WRS members. Check with your employer for more info.

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How Your Pension Works

The amount of your future retirement benefit depends on your years of service for WRS employers and your average salary, as well as your age at retirement. Specifics for the 8 WRS pension plans differ, but the concept is the same.

In many cases, if you change jobs, you can continue to build your pension benefit with any of the 700+ participating public employers in Wyoming.

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Pension Contributions

Your pension benefit is funded by your employer’s contributions on your behalf, as well as your contributions. Contribution rates are set in state statute.
In some cases, employers pay some of the employee contributions as part of overall compensation. Look at your pay stub or check with your employer for details.

The WRS 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

Almost all WRS pension plan members can also participate in the WRS 457 Deferred Compensation Plan. Most WRS members, with the exception of paid firefighters and some police, participate in Social Security.

With WRS’ 457 Deferred Compensation Plan and Social Security, there’s a great chance you'll be ready for retirement on your terms.

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Your retirement assets can help your loved ones if something happens to you. Be sure to designate a beneficiary on your accounts.

Beneficiary designations for your WRS Pension Plan and WRS 457 Plan are made separately for each plan. A beneficiary can be one person, several people, a trust, or an organization.

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Online Pension Account

In your Online Pension Account you can add beneficiaries, update contact info, access account information, apply for retirement when you're ready, and more.